Seeing Donors as Ministry Partners - Part 2

Nov 12, 2020
By Corrie McKee

After nearly a decade of living on support, fundraising was the only subsistence I had known in my adult career. My decision to transition off support and into a salary-based secular job was no small resolution.

I did not leave the mission field because I lacked financial support, and I knew that leaving the field meant leaving my donors. I truly grieved this transition of leaving my partnership with my donors. I would always have those relationships, but it would not be the same. Now they are simply my friends, but before, there was a supernatural and awe-inspiring element to our friendship. They gave me so much more than merely money. I gave them a new view of God at work in the world. It was a true partnership. 

I can think of no better way to live out a calling than to do it in the community of partners. Who else walks into work everyday knowing their picture is on the fridges of 300 people who pray for them when reaching for the milk?! If you’ve ever made a magnetic photo prayer card and distributed it to your donors, you know what I’m talking about! Now, I have a lot of other missionaries’ faces on my own fridge. 

The word “support” means "to hold up". Remember that an entire battle was fought and won through those who supported Moses and held up his arms (Exodus 17:12-13). That’s what our donors are doing for us.  They encourage us, pray for us, keep our photos on their fridge, read our emails and newsletters, tell their friends and churches about us, and give us places to stay and cars to use on furloughs and fundraising trips. 

They advocate for us in their missions committees and to their pastors. They learn from us about the physical and spiritual needs of those we minister to. Their heart for the world enlarges because of our advocacy. They send us packages and cards on our birthdays. They pray for our kids when they get sick. And yes, they send a timely monetary gift every month. They are truly ministry partners in every sense of the word. 

As William Dillon writes in People-Raising, “People give to people they know, trust and care for.”

Who would you say knows, trusts, and cares for you well? These are your ministry partners.

Why not send a thank-you note to some of your treasured partners today?


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